New Employment Screening

Midrand Healthcare offers a variety of new-employment screening ranging from paper questionnaire through to full medicals for specific industries.

The aim of the new-employment screening is to screen people into jobs and not screen them out. When you decide to employ a new member of the team you need to be sure that they are fit to do the job and that you are aware of any medical conditions which may require adjustments to either the working environment or the job role to accommodate the individual. Under the new Equality Act it is against the law to exclude an individual from a job because of pre existing medical conditions, however if a medical condition is present and it makes the person unsuitable for the role then the job offer can be withdrawn.

Initially we offer assessment via paper based method; this will include assessing the individual’s answers in conjunction with their job description. The resulting answers may necessitate a follow-up telephone assessment by one of our OH nurse specialists or a referral to one of our OH doctors.

The new-employment screening identifies:

  • If the candidate is fit for work
  • If the candidate is fit for work with restrictions
  • Reasonable adaptations that may be required to enable them to fulfil their job role
  • If they require further investigation or a full medical by our OH doctor
  • Any health risks that may be applicable to that particular role or individual
  • Base line screening if the individual is to be working with chemicals, noise or vibration
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Midrand Health screening was most valued by our employees.

Neville Joyce