What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is a discipline of medicine concerned with how an employee’s health can affect his or her ability to do a job and how the work and work environment can affect a worker’s health. The occupational health nurse or doctor offers the skills required to meet the needs of business and ensure the optimum health of all employees

What is pre placement Health screening?

At the start  employment the new employee will be asked to complete the  pre-placement health questionnaire in confidence that will be submitted to the OH department for assessment. The questionnaire asks about the new employee’s past and present health issues. OH advice to management will take into consideration the new employee’s  health information that he or she will have provide on the questionnaire and the exposures in their proposed role. Following the paper based assessment the Occupational Health practitioner will issue a certificate of advice on fitness for the proposed role with restrictions and recommendations as applicable.  Sometimes it is necessary to advise the employer regarding likely future absence due to illness.

What Is Health Surveillance?

Health Surveillance is the process to detect and assess systematically the adverse effects of work on the health of workers. This process ensures the early detection of occupational ill health through routine medical checks. The surveillance also provides confirmation regarding the effectiveness of existing workplace control measures.

What is sickness absence management?

Sickness absence can be affected by a combination of the health condition, personal and occupational factors.

When an employee becomes unwell Occupational Health can provide support to employees who are unwell in such a way that reduces the effect of their underlying condition. Managing sickness in a timely and effective manner encourages a safe and speedy return to work.


Is it compulsory for employees to attend when referred to Occupational Health?

Employees are expected to attend a referral in accordance with the business’ Occupational Health Policy and Procedure, however employees cannot be forced to attend. It is important to fully explain to the employee why you wish to engage the OH service and what you want to achieve by doing so.

Should your employee require further clarification  regarding the OH assessment processes please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can explain to him or her the process and benefits of attending.