Good health is good for business!

Are you getting the maximum productivity from your employees? Premium occupational health provision for a healthy workforce.

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Flexible and Bespoke Occupational Health Services across the UK.

In today’s highly competitive business world, attracting and retaining the best people is critical to success. Good health is good for business and a healthy workforce is a productive one.

Midrand provides a wide range of Occupational Health Services across a variety of industry sectors. Our network of OH Practitioners can help your business become more productive and save you money.

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Our team of experts specialise in health screening for new employees, sickness review, absence management, drug and alcohol testing and health promotion programmes.

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Engage our full range of Sickness Absence Management services that will save you time and money

Midrand Healthcare are able to offer a full range of industry specific health screening

Drug and alcohol abuse is becoming more of a day to day problem

Engaging and effective Health Promotion events that are tailored to suit your specific needs

Midrand Healthcare offers a variety of new-employment screening services

Your body is like a machine. From time to time it will be necessary to service it

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